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Independent Studies Show High ROI with Ralgro® Implants

The Initial Implant of Choice

Study 1

Re-implant Strategies for Finishing Heifers1
J.P. Hutcheson, R.T. Brandt Jr, W.T. Nichols, M.I. Wray

  • 504 crossbred heifers averaging 618 lb, 144-day finishing trial
  • To determine effects of different re-implant strategies on performance and carcass characteristics

    Treatment Groups

    1. No implant (negative control)
    2. Revalor®-H, day 0 (Rev)
    3. Revalor®-H, day 0; Revalor®-H, day 63 (Rev/Rev)
    4. Ralgro, day 0; Revalor®-H, day 63 (Ral/Rev)
    5. Synovex® H, day 0; Revalor®-H, day 63 (Syn/Rev)
    6. Ralgro, day 0; Ralgro/Finaplix®-H, day 63 (Ral/Ral-Fin)
    7. Synovex® H, day 0; Synovex® H/Finaplix®-H, day 63 (Syn/Syn-Fin)


* Assumptions:

  • Hot carcass weight of 700 lb, Yield Grade2.
  • Choice & Prime valued at average of $113/cwt.2

"All implant treatments increased (p<.05) final weight, average daily gain, feed efficiency, and ribeye area when compared to control.

Optimum performance and highest quality grade were achieved by using a Ralgro® implant initially for 63 days followed by a Revalor®-H implant when compared to all other implant strategies.

Percentage Choice and Prime carcasses were Control, 87 percent; Rev, 77 percent; Rev/Rev, 70 percent; Ral/Rev, 85 percent; Syn/Rev, 76 percent; Ral/Ral-Fin, 75 percent; Syn/Syn-Fin, 62 percent."

J.P. Hutcheson et al

Study 2

Comparison of Ralgro/Revalor-S or Ralgro/Synovex Plus Implant Programs to a Synovex Plus Implant Program in Feedlot Steers3
C.W. Booker, G.K Jim, P.T. Guichon, O.C. Schunicht, R.L. Sibbel

  • 14,196 steers, 147-day finishing trial
  • Performance calculated on live-weight and carcass yield bases

    Treatment Groups

    1. Ralgro, day 0; Revalor-S, day 70 (Ral/Rev)
    2. Ralgro, day 0, Synovex Plus, day 70 (Ral/Syn +)
    3. Synovex Plus, day 0 (Syn +)


"The percent of carcasses grading USDA quality grade Prime and Choice in the Ralgro/Revalor-S group was significantly higher than in the Ralgro/Synovex Plus and Synovex Plus groups.

The initial rider rate in the Synovex Plus group was significantly (p<0.05) higher than the Ralgro/Revalor-S and Ralgro/Synovex Plus groups.

There were [per 100 head] advantages of $880 and $612 in the Ralgro/Revalor-S and Ralgro/Synovex Plus groups as compared to the Synovex Plus group."

C.W. Booker et al

Study 3

A Comparison of Estradiol-Trenbolone Acetate Implant Programs for Yearling Steers of Two Genotypes3
R.H. Pritchard

  • Group I: 200 black-hided steers, Group 2: 200 continental crosses
  • To evaluate the relative effective payout for Revalor-S, Synovex Plus

    Treatment groups

    1. No implant (negative control)
    2. Revalor-S, day 1 (Rev)
    3. Synovex Plus, day 1(Syn +)
    4. Ralgro, day 1; Revalor-S, day 56 (Ral/Rev)

"Implants increased hot carcass weight by 65 lb. The carcasses produced by implanted steers were of comparable weight.

Marbling scores {and percent Choice} were higher for the re-implanted steers (Ralgro® implants followed by Revalor-S) than those on the day 1 estradiol-trenbolone acetate treatments.

It appears the additional cost associated with re-implanting would be more than offset by the increased carcass value associated with this strategy."

R.H. Pritchard

Effect of Percent Choice on Carcass Value, per 100 Head, Assuming Individual Hot Carcass Weight of 695 lb.

Even a 5% increase in percent Choice can yield significant economic returns.

For example, an increase from 55% to 60% of YG2 carcasses would mean $3,977.14 additional income from 100 head.

1 Unpublished manuscript, 1997.
2 J.W. Savell, W.W. Morgan. Beef carcass characteristics and pricing grids. Beef Production Leadership Summit, August 21-24, 1997, Breckenridge, Colorado.
3 Beef Production Leadership Summit, August 21-24, 1997, Breckenridge, Colorado.

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