Observations on a Proven Implant Program

Ralgro® implants vs Synovex® S or Components as the Initial Implant

Ralgro® implants have proven itself time and time again as the initial implant of choice. There is sufficient research data to support this. Pritchard, (South Dakota University, Brookings) for example, in conducting a three-trial summary on carcass and performance data in steers on feed for approximately 150 days, demonstrated the following:

Carcass and performance data in steers
Treatment Syn S: Rev-s 75 Ral: Rev-s 75
Initial B.W. 714 714
Final B.W. 1222 1222
ADG, lbs. 3.41 3.42
DMI, lbs./day 18.76 18.90
Feed: Gain 5.46 5.57
HCW, lbs. 776 777
Dressing % 63.5 63.6
Choice, % 42.64 60.77

When one looks at this data it is clear why one would want to use Ralgro® implants as an initial implant and forego the Synovex line of products, S or C. The performance numbers, ADG and F/G are virtually a wash, but the % Choice tells the story. When compared to animals implanted with Synovex, an additional 18% of the cattle implanted with Ralgro® implants graded Choice or above.

Using these % Choice figures and a $6.00/cwt. HCW hot carcass weight, which is used as a good average Choice/Select spread on a year-in/year-out basis, the following becomes evident:

Treatment Syn S: Rev-s 75 Ral: Rev-s 75
Hot Carcass Weight, lbs. 776 777
Choice, % 42.64 60.77
Choice/Select Premiums/100 head $1,985.00 $2,833.00
Choice/Select Premiums/head $19.85 $28.33

This equates to a $8.48 per head in extra value the producer receives in Choice/Select premiums when using Ralgro® implants. No need to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Undesirable Side Effects

Replacing Ralgro® implants with an estrogen-based implant may lead to "estrogen stacking" with subsequent increased undesirable side effects such as riding (bullers) and prolapses. This has been observed in Canadian implant studies.

Although Synovex C is only half the dose of Synovex S, it is still an estrogen-based implant. The difference is zeranol vs. estradiol, not simply the dose of estradiol. Ralgro® implants are not a weak implant, as competitors like to say. Recent data again demonstrates equal performance to Synovex S at 75 days as an initial implant. The difference is the implant's growth-promoting compound, zeranol vs. estradiol.

Implant Retention

Ralgro® implants are less prone to having post implant complications such as abscesses. The small needle hole and unique beveled needle are likely factors. Ralgro® implant needles contain a unique bevel that minimizes tissue trauma while maintaining a sharp edge. Consider that even a 1% increase in implant retention over a competitive product would mean an additional value to the owner. The Ralogun® pellet injector and needle have probably sold more Ralgro implants than we will ever realize.

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